This July marks 12 years in business for Christy B Photography.  Twelve years of capturing memories for people I never would have otherwise had the opportunity to meet.  As some have noticed, Christy B Photography is no longer in it’s retail location in downtown Pleasant Hill.  One of the many hard decisions I’ve had to make this year was to give up my studio space.  I am extremely grateful for the two years I had in the space.  It was a long time dream realized.  While I already miss my perfect little space, I am excited to stretch my comfort zone, challenge my abilities and shoot more on location sessions. Now I will be traveling to my clients instead of my clients coming to me.  As they say, you aren’t growing if you aren’t trying something new.  Here’s to trying new things in all aspects of my business and life! 

Some of the exciting things in store for Christy B’s birthday month is the launch of a brand new updated website and blog.  County Fair mini sessions will be held next week, July 16th-20th at the Cass County Fair (NOW BOOKING).  Fair Fishy turns three (meet Fair Fishy at one HERE and two HERE).  Emmie Lou turns one (meet Emmie Lou as a puppy HERE).  And I will be announcing a new type of photo shoot specifically with businesses and bloggers in mind.  Stay tuned on the blog, Instagram (@christyBphotography) and Facebook (christyBphotography) for all of the birthday month fun.

Through all of the unexpected changes in 2019, one thing is still certain.  I still love the opportunity to photograph people.  It gives me the strength to break through my shy, introverted personality, step out of my comfort zone and interact with complete strangers turned clients and, with any luck, new friends. While my business model has had to change this year, my love for my business and the people I get the opportunity to photograph is still incredibly strong.  It’s one of the things that has helped occupy my mind and pull me through the not so fun times.  Thank you to my clients.  Thank you to those that follow along on social media and my blog.  Thank you for following my journey in the past and whatever will be in the future.  I appreciate each and every one of you!

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