2010 Baby Show ~ Round 2

Today’s baby show images feature two pair of siblings and a baby girl full of smiles.

This little guy was more than willing to have his picture taken provided no smiling was involved.  Trying to win a baby show is a serious thing. 


His sister was a busy bee.  There was barely time to be standing around having pictures taken.  Lucky for me, it only takes a split second to capture beauty.  Look at those precious eyes. 


This next duo was adorable in their brightly colored sundresses. 

Isn’t she a sweet pea!?!


Here’s big sis.  Her eyes just sparkled and perfectly coordinated with the blue in her dress.     


There was no keeping a smile off this baby doll’s face.  Her plan of attack was to win the judges over with that smile.  I don’t know how they could resist it. 


Many more babes to come. Stay tuned for Round 3.

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