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The coronavirus self quarantining became very real this week. Thankfully, I am able to continue working from home. Working from home + self quarantine means I haven’t fixed my hair, put on make-up or worn real clothes in the last 7 days.

I pray for those not able to continue working, the small businesses this will hurt, those on the front lines taking care of the sick and all of those still showing up to make sure we have the basic necessities we need during this time.

I’m not a skilled caregiver, I don’t work at an essential business that is still open to the public. But I do have a blog (that I haven’t had the time to update in ages) so I thought I would do my part in helping us come up with productive and entertaining ways to spend our newfound time at home. I am choosing to take this time to focus on making my home as comfy and cozy as it can be. I’m working on small home projects that I’ve wanted to do for months but didn’t have the time. I’m cleaning and organizing EVERYTHING. I’m meal prepping with the food I have on hand and baking my favorite treats. And I’m enjoying warm bubble baths instead of quick showers.

One way I’ve made my home even more cozy is by adding this simple DIY bathtub tray. With the help of my son, I drew out a rough idea of what I wanted, we picked up a few things from Home Depot, he cut the boards and built the tray and I stained and sealed it. Now I look forward to ending the day with a bubble bath, a scented candle, a good book and my favorite drink.

What We Used:

**Be sure to measure the width of your tub for the exact lengths you need.**

1″ x 4″ x 6′ pine board

1″ x 2″ x 6′ pine board

(2) gate handles

Varathane Dark Walnut Stain

Bathtub Pillow - Amazon

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This year has easily been the hardest year of my life.  Sometimes things happen that you least expect and change your life whether you wanted it to or not.  I now find myself traveling a new, uncertain path that I never thought I would be on at the age of 46.  It’s scary, terrifying actually.  At the same time, occasionally I catch glimpses of hope and excitement for the new possibilities that may lie in my future.  

This July marks 12 years in business for Christy B Photography.  Twelve years of capturing memories for people I never would have otherwise had the opportunity to meet.  As some have noticed, Christy B Photography is no longer in it’s retail location in downtown Pleasant Hill.  One of the many hard decisions I’ve had to make this year was to give up my studio space.  I am extremely grateful for the two years I had in the space.  It was a long time dream realized.  While I already miss my perfect little space, I am excited to stretch my comfort zone, challenge my abilities and shoot more on location sessions. Now I will be traveling to my clients instead of my clients coming to me.  As they say, you aren’t growing if you aren’t trying something new.  Here’s to trying new things in all aspects of my business and life! 

Some of the exciting things in store for Christy B’s birthday month is the launch of a brand new updated website and blog.  County Fair mini sessions will be held next week, July 16th-20th at the Cass County Fair (NOW BOOKING).  Fair Fishy turns three (meet Fair Fishy at one HERE and two HERE).  Emmie Lou turns one (meet Emmie Lou as a puppy HERE).  And I will be announcing a new type of photo shoot specifically with businesses and bloggers in mind.  Stay tuned on the blog, Instagram (@christyBphotography) and Facebook (christyBphotography) for all of the birthday month fun.

Through all of the unexpected changes in 2019, one thing is still certain.  I still love the opportunity to photograph people.  It gives me the strength to break through my shy, introverted personality, step out of my comfort zone and interact with complete strangers turned clients and, with any luck, new friends. While my business model has had to change this year, my love for my business and the people I get the opportunity to photograph is still incredibly strong.  It’s one of the things that has helped occupy my mind and pull me through the not so fun times.  Thank you to my clients.  Thank you to those that follow along on social media and my blog.  Thank you for following my journey in the past and whatever will be in the future.  I appreciate each and every one of you!

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County Fair Mini Sessions

Ready to try something fun and different? Christy B Photography is offering carnival mini sessions at the Cass County Fair in Pleasant Hill, MO July 16 – 20, 2019.

20-Minute Mini Photo Shoots

$30 Session Fee (due at time of booking to hold session date/time)

any age – toddlers, kids, teens, seniors or families

*product pricing below*

Times Available:

7/16 7:00pm – 7:30pm – 8:00pm

7/17 7:00pm – 7:30pm – 8:00pm

7/18 7:00pm – 7:30pm – 8:00pm

7/19 7:00pm – 7:30pm – 8:00pm

7/20 7:00pm – 7:30pm – 8:00pm

Daytime sessions available upon request


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Sweet summertime! With summer comes shorts, tank tops and swimsuits. That means it’s back on the Keto diet for me. I find when I’m off keto, it’s too easy for me to fall back into my sugar addiction. And the addiction is REAL, y’all. Funny thing is, when I follow keto, I really don’t miss the sugar. No sugar = the cravings stop. No sugar cravings means I don’t dread wearing those shorts, tank tops and swimsuits…as much.

Today I’m sharing my monthly meal plan for July. While you may not be following the Keto diet as I am, hopefully this meal plan will help spark ideas for your own dinners. If you are following the Keto diet, I’ve included links to the recipe books I’m using. Happy summer, everyone! *Directions on how to use this meal calendar below.


NOTE 1:  The calendar below will change as the month change.  If you are viewing this post after July, just use the < > buttons to click back to July 2019.

NOTE 2:  Items marked with an (*) asterisk on the calendar below have recipe links you can refer to.  Simply click the item and a recipe link will pop up.

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Who knew a couple of gallons of paint could make me so happy? I have always loved my home office space. It’s on the main level as opposed to the last house where my office was in the windowless, cold basement. What I didn’t love about this office was the chocolate brown paint. It made the space feel so dark. My soul craves light and bright. One day, $40 in paint and a little elbow grease and now I smile every time I walk in to get work done.



Welcome into my newly updated home office freshly painted in Sherwin Williams “Ice Cube”.

I still need to replace the ceiling fan with a cool light and maybe add a throw rug or two but if I waited to share until I felt everything was perfect, I would never share updates of the house progress.

My side of the office which I share with the doggies.

Everyone else’s side of the office.

And the office closet. My pride and joy. Not yet painted but perfectly organized. If you follow along with me on Instagram (@christyBphotography) you might have seen me in all of my organizing glory after I scored this $20 Craigslist filing cabinet. I spent three blissful hours with my label maker organizing paperwork for three businesses and my personal life. Everything in it’s place and a place for everything. I ❤ organizing. And I ❤ my new updated home office.

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I love an excuse to celebrate so today I’m partying with Mexico for their army’s victory over the French empire. Tacos and margaritas for everyone!

I’ll be enjoying my favorite margarita recipe on this beautiful spring day. If you can’t make it over, I’ll share the recipe with you here.


*individual serving

Crushed ice

8 oz. 1800 Margarita mix

1 shot 1800 Silver Tequila

Add all ingredients in a blender.  Blend until ice is finely crushed.  Enjoy!

I will also be making the Pioneer Woman’s Fried Chicken Tacos for dinner tonight. Diets are not observed on Cinco de Mayo. didn’t you know?

Viva Cinco de Mayo!

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Somethings are just too good not to share with your friends. Today I have rounded up my top five things I’ve been loving lately and I’m sharing here with you, my friends.

“Drink more water.” You hear it everywhere. I have always suffered with headaches, pretty much everyday, multiple times a day. Over the years I’ve cut out caffeine from sodas and that helped some. I was still taking Excedrin Migraine nearly every day of the week for headaches until I realized that was causing “rebound” headaches from my body wanting the caffeine in the Excedrin. The withdrawal period of over a month was NOT fun but I stopped taking Excedrin Migraine completely and the daily headaches slowly went away. Things were getting better though I still couldn’t shake a dull headache once or twice a week. That’s where this daily tracker water bottle comes in to play. When I started drinking half of my body weight in water per day, I stopped getting headaches almost completely. I was getting headaches from being dehydrated.

When I would drink from a regular glass, I couldn’t force myself to drink more than 8-16 ounces a day. With the daily tracker water bottle I find it really easy to get my 64 ounces a day in by pacing myself according to the markings on the bottle. Extra bonus, maybe my dry skin starts looking more hydrated, as well. Is the bottle necessary. Maybe not. But I’ll take whatever works to get me to drink more water and stop the headaches. Click HERE to shop.

I would arrive at the studio and always seemed to have my hands full from my car to the door. It never failed, as soon as I got to the door, I either dropped my keys or dropped something in my hands trying to find the key to the door. The brilliant solution to my problem – the O-Venture key ring. It’s made to slip on your wrist like a bracelet. They come in a ton of cute colors and even have matching wristlets for ID and cash. I liked my key ring so much I bought one for Easter for my daughter, too. Click HERE to shop.

I have been blessed cursed with teeny tiny short eyelashes. I had eyelash extensions for a couple of years and really liked them but they say you’re supposed to give your lashes a break every so often so I had them taken off. Then I learned about the wonder of magnetic eyelashes. I’ve shared my love for them on InstaStories in the past. Total game changer. I wear them almost every day. One strip sits on the top of your regular lashes and the other strips snaps to the bottom of your lashes. When you’re done with them for the day, you simply pull them off and put them away until you’re ready for them again.

For daily wear, I use the Ardell 001 accents. They are just partial strips that accentuate the outer corner of the eyes. I do cut the length down just a bit so they aren’t too dramatic. For special events, I wear the Double 110. The 110s are full strip lashes. There are several different styles to choose from. I do recommend the Ardell brand over other cheaper brands. The magnets stick better. I’m not going to lie. It takes some practice to put them on but once you get the hang of it, you won’t want to leave the house without them. Click HERE to shop.

I first purchased Girl, Wash Your Face to read while sitting outside for hours potty training a new puppy. I had heard about the book was quite popular so I grabbed not having any idea what it was about. Now I have both of her motivational books as well as the Start Today Journal. Whether you’re a teenager, newlywed, wanting to start a business or just an oldie but goodie like me, I highly suggest you read her books and follow her on social media. Because we can all use a good dose of motivation each day. Her lifestyle blog is great, too.

This hose is a game changer. I love it so much, I’m getting a second one this year for the back of the house. It’s lightweight, easy to drag around the yard without getting those annoying kinks and compactly stores away between uses. It is 100% worth the price. Click HERE to shop.

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Happy May Day! The first day of the month means it’s time for a new monthly meal plan. Thinking of dinner ideas is one of my least favorite tasks. It ranks right up there with shopping for the groceries to make dinner. In the event that it’s not just me that dreads these tasks, I’m sharing my dinner ideas for the month with recipe links included. Hopefully this will help you in your dinner prep, as well. *Directions on how to use this meal calendar below.


NOTE 1:  The calendar below will change as the month change.  If you are viewing this post after May, just use the < > buttons to click back to May 2019.

NOTE 2:  Items marked with an (*) asterisk on the calendar below have recipe links you can refer to.  Simply click the item and a recipe link will pop up.

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