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Amazon Boutique Clothing Finds

Did you know you can shop for boutique clothing on Amazon?  It’s almost too good to be true.  Browse from the comfort of your own home, find prices that are under $30 for a ton of items, have them delivered to your door in two days with Prime and send back what doesn’t work for free.  Amazon is also good for finding dupe items at a fraction of the cost of name brands.

TIP:  If you’re looking for an outfit for an upcoming photoshoot, save time and money by giving Amazon a try.  Order a few things that catch your eye and return what doesn’t work for you.

I wanted to give it a try and see if the quality of the clothes were worth it.  I’ve had a few orders came in and I have to say, I’m pleasantly surprised.  Here is a look at what I’ve tried.

*click images below for shopping links*


A few things to keep in mind when you are purchasing clothes on Amazon:

1. A lot of the items come from China and the sizing can be strange.  I recommend reading the reviews to make sure you are ordering the correct size.

2. I try to only purchase things that are Prime eligible.  Otherwise, your order will take several weeks to a month to arrive since it is most likely coming from overseas.

3. I also only purchase items that state they have free returns.  That way if the quality isn’t great or I chose the wrong size, I can simply print out the prepaid postage from my account and ship the items back at no cost.

If you keep those tips in mind, you can find quality items at great prices.



*Items shown in this blog post are affiliate linked.  Should you choose to purchase by clicking on my links, your cost is not effected.  Purchasing through my links simply allows me to earn a small commission.  Please note, I only share items that I love and recommend, not because of the commission I receive from your purchases.  The decision is yours;  whether or not you decide to buy something through my links is completely up to you.  The small commissions I earn allow me to continue trying out products to recommend to you. 

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2019 Senior Girls Football Shirts

Christy B Photography is once again offering custom football jerseys and t-shirts just for this year’s senior girls (being a senior has it’s perks!). We offered these jerseys and shirts a couple of years ago and they were a hit.  So we’re bringing them back this year with a brand new design for 2019 seniors.  New this year, we are offering our custom shirts to all surrounding schools, as well.  These shirts are great to wear to school on game day and are perfectly sparkly under the lights at the game.  Best of all, the only ones lucky enough to have them are 2019 senior girls!

The quicker you order, the earlier you will have your shirt for this year’s football games. Deadlines to receive your senior shirt prior to the first home game this year is  August 22nd for Pleasant Hill Roosters and August 27th for Holden Eagles.  If you are interested in our senior shirts but are in a school other than PHHS or HHS, simply contact ChristyB with your school info. and we will hook you up, too.



 1. Print out an order form and mail/drop-off to Christy B Photography, 125 Veterans Pkwy., Pleasant Hill, MO 64080


2. Order online securely with PayPal –


    1.  You may pick-up your completed order at Christy B’s studio at 125 Veterans Pkwy., Pleasant Hill.  You will be notified when your order is ready for pick-up.
    2.   You may add a $6 mailing fee to your order to have your item(s) shipped directly to you.
    3.   Those located outside of Pleasant Hill can contact ChristyB to schedule delivery (one delivery date will be scheduled per school).


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Two years ago during our senior county fair photo shoot the girls won, of all things, a living being. Fair Fishy, as he’s come to be known, came home with me because 1. I couldn’t pawn him off on any of the girls and 2. I couldn’t bear to let a living being meet his fate in the toilet bowl just because I didn’t want to take care of him. I pulled out an old fish bowl from a past beta fish, God rest her soul, and Fair Fishy made it his new home. He seems to be happy in his simple little fish bowl because he’s still going strong two years later.

This past year has been an eventful one for him. Two moves to different homes, somehow flipping out of his bowl for me to find him on the floor for who knows how long (I thought he was dead, went to pick him up and he moved so I put him back in his bowl and he swam on like nothing had happened), and a cat that insists on drinking the water from his bowl instead of her own water bowl. The little guy just rolls with the flow and swims on.

Here’s to you, Fair Fishy. Wishing you a happy belated birthday and another (hopefully less eventful) year happily living in our animal zoo of a home.

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I am sorry to announce the Homecoming Dress ReSale scheduled for August 24-26, 2018 has been cancelled.  We just didn’t have enough dresses turned in for to make it a good sale for shoppers.

For those that did turn in dresses, they are pictured HERE.  If anyone is interested in any of the dresses shown, message ChristyB and I will put you in touch with the sellers.

Thank you for your understanding.

Christy B Photography will be hosting a homecoming dress sale on August 24-26, 2018 featuring gently worn, like new homecoming dresses, shoes and accessories.  Buyers from all surrounding schools are welcome to browse and try-on sale items.  Cash, debit or credit accepted.  No checks, please.  No holds, refunds or exchanges.

Sale will be held at Christy B Photography’s studio at 125 Veterans Parkway, Pleasant Hill.


Sellers are invited to bring in their very gently worn prom dresses, shoes or accessories to be included for sale in the event.

*Contact ChristyB at or 816.935.4961 to schedule a drop off time now through Thursday, August 23rd by 6:00pm at the studio at 125 Veterans Parkway, Pleasant Hill, MO 64080.  The earlier you drop off your items, the more time we have to promote items for sale on social media, the better chance you have of selling your items.  The studio is open “by appointment only”.  You must make an appointment to drop off items.

*There is a $5 fee per dress due at the time of drop off.  If your dress sells, $5 will be deducted from the profit.  There is no fee deducted from the sale of shoes or accessories.  These charges cover the cost of advertising the event and debit/credit processing fees.  *You name the price of your item(s).  If your items sells, you keep the profits (minus the $5 selling fee).  Price tags will be provided.

NOTE:  For those that brought in short dresses for our Prom Dress Re-Sale last February & they did not sell, you can bring them back in to be included in this sale and your initial $5 drop-off fee will be waived.  Those that left dresses for donation will have their dresses included in this sale as the organization that was going to take the dresses after our last sale opted to cease taking donations.

*All items should be clean and in good condition.

For more detailed information on this event and a look at the dresses as they arrive for sale, visit our webpage at

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Let the madness begin; the dreaded shopping for new school clothes, fighting your way down the school supply aisle hoping you can find everything in one stop, writing your kiddo’s name on each and every item, prepping for the new early morning wake-up call. It’s back to school time already!

This year Christy B Photography is offering the chance to capture your babies as they prepare to start a brand new school year. These aren’t the stiff, posed school photos with fake cheesy grin and misplaced hair on the old school fake backdrop. Our mini school themed shoots are 15-minutes packed full of fun to capture your child’s personality as they enter a new year of school. From pre-school to high school and every age in between, we promise it will be a blast and you’ll have one-of-a-kind portraits to remember this new stage of their lives. Make it even more fun and bring a friend to join in the pics. Bonus, the photos will be perfect to display at their senior graduation party when the time comes.



August 3rd – 12th

15-minute mini session

Individual, siblings or friends

$25 session fee

Reduced priced prints, products and digital files





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While we’ve done a lot of  DIY projects on our house recently, the cedar shutters were one of the easiest.  So easy, I think I could have made them myself.  Maybe not installed them myself, but I’m pretty sure I could have made them.

Here is a look at the exterior update nearing completion.  It looked so much better, but still seemed too plain to me.  The overall theme for the update was white, black and cedar wood tones.  The house needed more warm wood tones.  That’s how the cedar shutter idea came about.  I searched the internet for shutter styles I liked.  Surprisingly, I liked the simple look which turned out to be the easiest to DIY ourselves instead of buying pre-built at three times the cost.

This is what “we” (as in my husband) did.


*click images below to shop*


1.   Measure the length of your windows. That measurement determines the height of the shutters.  Using a miter saw, cut the 1″x6″ pieces of cedar to the length needed.  In our case, we needed three 6′ pieces per shutter.

2.   Lay out the cut pieces using a carpenter’s square to make sure everything is lined up evenly.  To get the space between the wood pieces, simply stick the end of the carpenter’s square between the pieces.

3.  Measure the width of the evenly spaced pieces.  Using that measurement, cut two pieces of the 1″x4″ cedar.

4.  Using outdoor wood screws,  secure the 1″x4″ pieces to the three 1″x6″ pieces.

5.  Seal shutters, front and back, to prevent the cedar from turning gray.  (This is where I came in.)  We opted for a semi-transparent stain for a deep, rich cedar color.  I recommend checking pricing at several different locations as the price varies on the product we used.  We found the best price at our local Nuts & Bolts store.

6.  The shutters can be secured to the house using shutter fasteners.  This is what we used.  Prices range from $4.99 to $10 for the exact same package of 12.  We found the cheapest price at Sutherlands.

6.  Drill holes in all four corners of the shutter.

7.  Holding the shutter in place next to the window using the pre-drilled holes as a guide, drill holes into the house.  In our case, we were drilling into brick so we used a masonry bit.

8.  Gently hammer the fasteners through the shutter into the hole drilled in the siding/brick.

That’s it!  Gorgeous cedar shutters that cost us $55 a pair (versus ready-made shutters that started at $150 a pair).  Cedar ain’t cheap, y’all.  DIY those suckers and save ‘yo money!

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She wanted a new family photo for her room at college.  Our daughter asked for new family photos.  No need to ask me twice.  Her father and brother weren’t as excited but, let’s face it, are guys ever excited about photos?  It’s just something we have to insist they do.  It really is so worth it in the end.  Even if this is what we have to put up with during the process.

Family photos mean the whole family need new coordinating outfits, right?  Nope.  I’m going to show you how to shop your own closets to come up with coordinating outfits for the whole family that will cost you nothing.

This is how I came up with last minute coordinating outfits for the whole family without spending a dime.

  1.  I started with the child that was the most particular about her outfit.  Any guesses who that was?  I asked her to pick out what she wanted to wear and then built the rest of our outfits around it.  Advice:  Start with one favorite piece and build outfits from there.

2.  Next I coordinated my outfit because I knew I had a similar cactus shirt.  I didn’t want everyone in jeans so I opted for jean shorts.  I also had similar strappy brown sandals.  Advice:  Avoid putting the entire family in matching solid color shirts.  Mix patterns and coordinating colors for a more interesting, polished look.

3.  Then I moved on to my husband’s outfit because I knew he had a coordinating pair of green shorts.  I wasn’t thrilled about his gray t-shirt but that’s the best option we had on hand, so we went with it.  The brown flip flops were probably 10 years old but they worked just fine.  Advice: Don’t fret the small stuff.  Just go with what you have.  It will look fine in the photos.

4.  One outfit left to go for my son.  I found a shirt in his closet that was a similar color to the cactus flowers on our shirts.  I went with jeans for him so two of us were in shorts and two were in jeans.  The only pair of shoes he had that remotely matched ours were his brown boots.  Advice:  Mix and match jeans with shorts, boots with sandals, t-shirts with tank tops, etc.

5.  Finally, add accessories.  Advice:  Accessories like earrings, scarves, vests, hats, necklaces, bracelets, etc. can also help pull in coordinating colors.  I typically recommend against watches unless they are on the dressy side.

That’s it!  Four coordinating outfits that worked just fine for summertime family photos and I didn’t spend a dime.  You can do it, too.  Next time you consider family photos, don’t stress and don’t feel pressured to buy all new outfits.  The photo memories are more important than expensive outfits that will be outgrown or out of style the next season.

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It’s Our Birthday!

I remember it like it was yesterday.  July 20th, 2007.  I took the leap and announced my photography business.

And here we are 11 years later.  Still going strong and still loving every minute of it.

A giant THANK YOU to each and every ChristyB client over the years!!  Thank you for allowing me to follow my dreams and do what I enjoy every single day.  Thank you for trusting me with your memories.  I. LOVE. YOU. ALL.

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