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Bleeding Purple and Gold

If there was a definition of a true Pleasant Hill family in the dictionary, the M family would be the picture next to the definition.  I think they might actually bleed purple and gold. This was the first time they have been to the studio and I’m so excited they came along with their little dog, Adi!

Mini Purple & Gold Fan

Though homecoming has come and gone in Pleasant Hill, our PH Pride mini session sneak peeks are still going strong.  Miss R came to see me in her brand new purple and gold attire.  I love this first image.  You can just see the hint of orneriness in her expression. 🙂

Her daddy built these mini bleachers just for our PH Pride sessions.  They worked out PERFECTLY.   Miss R is my little Price is Right model showing them off. 


She looks so much like her momma here. 

Here is Little Miss displaying my authentic Golden Girl pom poms from back in the day.  She looks much cuter using them than I ever did. 

Rumor has it, Miss R went home and created her own mini photography studio complete with bleachers and pom poms. Looks like we have a budding photographer in the works. How cute it that?!!?

Beautiful x3

Had I chosen any other profession I most likely never would have gotten the chance to meet these gorgeous children. I am so lucky that my profession allows me to reconnect with past classmates and meet so many new people along the way!

Originally I was to photograph E, I and S outdoors at their home. Mother Nature didn’t cooperate that day so they packed up and came to visit me in my studio. When they walked in I and S were fast asleep in their parent’s arms. And I mean asleep, dead to the world, conked out! They did NOT want to wake up.

In the meantime Mr. E was happy to help me test my lights, pose for a few shots and tell me about his girlfriend.

A few minutes passed and Miss I cracked an eye open, realized she was in a new place, hopped up, came over to the backdrop and started posing for pictures.

Fast forward about 10 minutes more of Miss S’s mom and dad trying to wake her up by any means they could think of, she sat up, looked around, walked over and away we went with more pictures. I have never seen kids wake up instantly in perfectly happy moods and actually WANT to have their pictures taken.

That day I was blessed with meeting and photographing three of the happiest, kindest and beautiful children. I love my job!

From Nerdy School Girl to 80’s Pop Princess

It’s spirit week at school in honor of homecoming. When I found out the themes at my daughter’s school were “Nerd Day” and “80’s Day” my mind began racing with ideas.  (HERE is my son from last year on “Foil & Duct Tape Attire Day”. He wouldn’t let me get too creative.)  This year I was going all out.  To my surprise, my somewhat shy daughter went along with my visions and pulled them off perfectly.

“Nerd Day” The glasses were a pair of my old glasses from high school. (How embarassing is that?) We just popped the lenses out and added a little tape. The shirt was recycled from a 50’s poodle skirt Halloween costume I made her a couple of years ago. The tie was her dad’s. The skirt was on clearance at Target for $5. Put it all together and, golly jee wiz, we had the cutest nerdy school girl I’ve ever seen.

“80’s Day” I have one plastic tub of trinkets I kept from my younger days. (Yes, my nerdy glasses were in that tub.) We raided the tub again and found my original Swatch watch I personally purchased in Switzerland and a chain of friendship pins which we added to her shoes. The shirt was a $5 shirt from Wal-Mart where I found that 80’s inspired clothing is “totally rad” again. The jean skirt is mine (that my body and my age no longer fit into) and she cinched it up with a belt so it would stay around her waist. I pulled out my old 1985 pink crimping iron and went to town on her hair. The hair scrunchie I whipped up with some old material I had stashed away. Unfortunately I hadn’t saved any of my many pairs of leg warmers so we had to settle on this little pair from Target. They like totally aren’t as good as the originals. Gag me with a spoon. Add on the $1 hoop earrings and plastic bracelets and we had one rad 80’s pop princess. For sure.


THREE Cheers for Pleasant Hill

Christy B Photography’s PH Pride mini sessions are going on this week in honor of homecoming. H, K and A started off the sessions in their finest purple and gold attire.  H, in the football uniform, scored a touchdown in his first ever football game.  Before we know it he’ll be making touchdowns for the high school football team with K following along a few years after and A cheering them both on the whole way. 

I always get the best outtakes with these three. 🙂

Eyelashes for Miles

Mr. J just gets cuter with age. HERE he is as a fresh little newborn and at the ripe age of one. Now he is the big THREE and I could just eat. him. up. The girls are going to swoon after his eyelashes and golden curls.  This is round one of his session. Round two gets even better.   

The Roost

I wanted to give a shout out to The Roost, a spirit store in the Pleasant Hill High School selling anything and everything purple and gold. The store is run by PHHS students and overseen by COE teacher, Mrs. Franklin. I believe it is open each day after school. (You might want to call the school to verify this. Don’t take my word for it.) If you are looking for purple and gold attire for homecoming or for Christy B’s PH Pride mini sessions, be sure to stop by early before they run out. You’ll get some nice PH attire and support the school at the same time.

I stopped by the store yesterday to pick me up a new PH t-shirt. I mean REALLY! How many people can say they own a shirt with a gold glittery rooster on the front?

On a side note, I will be on the sidelines again tonight photographing the Rooster football players in action.  Be sure to check the blog on Monday for a few sneak peeks of the action and maybe even a little something extra.  Then visit Christy B Photography on Facebook to view all of the images from the evening.   Good luck tonight, Roosters!


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