Meet Brooke, a 2018 Christy B senior.  Brooke attends Holden High School and will be graduating in just a few short weeks!  She is a softball lover and will be continuing to play in college.  I first photographed her brother’s senior photos several years ago.  Being a typical guy, I squeezed out maybe an hour of photos with him.  Thankfully, Brooke was a more willing subject and it was so much fun capturing all of her senior images.  (Not that Andrew’s session wasn’t fun.  He was just a little less, shall we say, enthusiastic.)  As we take a look at some of my favs from her senior sessions, let’s learn a little more about Brooke.

Favorite classes and why:  Any history class

Favorite ice cream flavor:  cookie dough

Celebrity crush:  Johnny Depp

Favorite place to hang with your BFF:  the pool

Favorite movie:  A League of Their Own or anything Disney

If you won a million dollars, what would you do with it:  Buy a ’67 Impala and go to Florida to watch my Florida Gators play

Dream career:  Special education / Secondary eduction

Movie you rushed right out to see:  Twilight

You can learn more interesting facts about Brooke and see more of her senior photos on Instagram (@christyBphotography).

It was an honor to be your senior photographer, Brooke!  Best of luck in all you do in the future!!


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