I can remember it like it was yesterday.  My little 2-seater Mazda RX-7 packed to the ceiling with crisp new peach colored bedding, white plastic storage shelves, and way more clothes & shoes than I ever needed.  My parents followed along with more stuff I had carefully crossed of my detailed college packing list as we made the two and a half hour trip to Springfield and my new dorm room at (then) Southwest Missouri State University.  It was the beginning of a lifetime of awesome memories.

And now it’s your turn 2017 seniors!!

I will soon have my Jeep loaded to the ceiling as I follow my own daughter to move her into her new dorm room at (now) Missouri State University in the exact same dorms that I stayed in all those years ago.  MAN time flies!!

In my day, the only big decision we made was what color bedding we were going to choose.  These days, it’s not just the bedding but the pillows, rugs, throw blankets, wall decor, etc.  It’s like designing a luxury suite now.  And I’m all about helping in any way I can.  For my 2017 seniors preparing to become freshman once again, here are some room decor ideas to help inspire your very own dorm room design.  And get ready to make awesome memories!!

GIRLS: Simple tips to make your dorm room extra cozy

1.  Add a faux fur skin to your desk chair.

2.  Turn your bed into a daybed that serves as seating during the day and a cozy bed at night by adding a variety of fun decorative pillows and a cute throw blanket.

3.  Add a little flair on your desk with faux succulents.  No need to remember to water.   Cute & stylish.

4.  Printed tapestries are all the rage right now.  Add a splash of color to your room by hanging them on the wall or at the head of the bed for a simple headboard.  Even more cozy, hang a sheer bed canopy over the bed wrapped in a strand of lights for late night studying.

5.  For super simple decor with no wall damage, attach removable dots or decals to the walls.

6.  What girl wouldn’t want to display those images of her friends & family in her Instagram feed?  Print out those photos and hang from an LED photo clip light strand.

7.  Make a statement with a light-up or felt letter board.  Change the sayings with your mood.


Faux Fur Skin     Faux Succulent     Peace Bookend     Tapestries     Sheer Canopy     Wall Dots    

LED Photo Clip Light Strand     Light-Up Letter Board      Felt Letter Board

GUYS: Simple tips to make your dorm room extra cozy

1.  Flag tapestries, college and team flags make easy wall decor.

2.  Try storage trunks for more storage then use at the foot of the bed or as a bedside table.

3.  Keep track of the next party (I mean study date) and hang photos of family & friends on a cool stainless steel magnetic dry erase board.

4.  Store dirty laundry in a laundry duffle bag.  When it’s time to head down to the washing machines or back home to mom, just throw it on your back.  Folds away for compact storage when not in use.

5.  Add some festive lighting with a three-sided stop light or fun plug-in neon light.

6.  For comfy seating that doesn’t take up a lot of space, try a bean bag chair.


Flag Tapestry     Storage Trunk     Stainless Steel Magnetic Dry Erase Board

Laundry Duffle Bag     Three-Sided Stop Light     Neon Light    Bean Bag Chair

DIY Decor

1.  Geometric Memo Board:  Paint hexagon cork board tiles, lay out desired pattern, using removable wall tabs, secure to wall.  Hang photos, notes, or jewelry.   SOURCE

 2.  Clipboard Wall Art:  Hang a variety of clipboards in various sizes on the wall.  Display printed quotes, drawings, a calendar or photos.  Easy to change out art with holidays or as your mood changes.   SOURCE WITH PRINTABLES

3.  Tassel Garland:  Use tissue paper and twine to create a fun wall accent.  SOURCE

4.  String Art:  Using lightweight cork board instead of wood makes this project perfect for damage free hanging using removable wall tabs.  SOURCE

5.  Washi Tape Line Art:  Use inexpensive washi tape to add color and design to walls.  Doesn’t damage walls.  SOURCE

6.  Decorate Your Fridge:  Even the refrigerator can be dressed up.  Use chalkboard paint and/or washi tape to add flair.  Top it off with fun magnets.   SOURCE

7.  Driftwood Jewelry Hanger:  By simply using a piece of driftwood, twine and a few nails, you can create a gorgeous display for your jewelry.  SOURCE

8.  Washi Tape Clothespin Wall Hangers:  Cover clothespins with washi tape.  Cut removable wall poster tabs in half to fit the back side of clothespins.  Hang on the wall to hold photos, drawings, notes, etc.   SOURCE

Dorm Room Pinterest Inspiration Board

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