In this day and age we have the ability to take and save photos on multiple devices and social media platforms. The ability to capture life’s memories is easier than ever. However, with all of the devices and daily photos, it can also become nearly impossible to locate certain photos when you need them. Since taking photos is my actual job, it’s very important for me to keep my photos organized, safe and accessible. I thought I would pass along some of my tips and tricks to help you organize your personal memories and keep them safe.

1. Organize your digital photos – get your images off of all your devices and onto your computer in one main folder labeled “MY PHOTOS”.

Make sure you move photos from all of your devices:

  • Phone
  • iPad / Tablet
  • Laptop
  • Desktop
  • Camera
  • Memory Cards
  • Facebook / Instagram
  • CDs / USBs
  • Email

2. Group your digital photos – drag your photos into folders divided by YEAR, then MONTH, then EVENT.

3. Purge – go through the photos and keep only the best, most meaningful ones. Discard nearly identical photos and out of focus images.

4. Backup – make a duplicate copy of your “MY PHOTOS” folder and save the copy to an external drive for backup in the event your computer would crash or files become corrupt. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

5. Print your photos – get your favorite images out of your computer and into your home and office for all to enjoy. Print monthly to stay on top of the process. Print in multiple forms – paper prints, mounted / framed photos or photo books. Enjoy the memories you have taken the time to capture.

6. Organize printed photos – store your prints in a plastic box (keep photos safe from unexpected water damage). Use dividers to sort photos by YEAR / MONTH / EVENT.

7. Easily find your photos – keeping photos organized allows you to easily find a certain memory when you need it. Example: baby photos of your high school senior, wedding photos 25 years later of the anniversary couple, or the time little Jimmy lost his two front teeth. Keeping digital files backed up in multiple locations and via printed copies ensures your memories are safe for generations to enjoy.

Stay tuned for the part 2 of this blog series, “What to Do with Your Digital Photo Files” – Where to Print your Digital Files.


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