If you follow @christyBphotography on Instagram InstaStories, you saw the new addition to our family this past weekend.  Meet Miss Emmie Lou.

Yes, she is a brown (AKA liver) dalmatian.  There are now two Christy B Photography studio dogs.  She joins the family as Daisy Mae’s little sister and play buddy.

They hit it off and love each other.  They chase each other around the yard, wear each other out and curl up together in the same dog bed under my desk for naps.  Thank goodness because that’s the only time I get any work done.  It really is like having a newborn but they don’t stay little for long.  In a few weeks she won’t fit in my lap anymore.  Just like a newborn, they also grow up too fast.

If you drive by the studio, you may see us out for a quick walk around downtown.  I’m already planning their Halloween costumes for our “Not-So-Haunted” Studio + Halloween Minis and the safe Trick-or-Treat on Halloween.  Be sure to stop by and see us!

We just love her!


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