Hip, hip, hooray!  It’s birthday week.  TEN years ago I officially announced the opening of Christy B Photography with a float in the Cass County Fair parade.  Fast forward to this year, the fair marked the opening of our brand new studio space in downtown Pleasant Hill as I watched the parade pass by through the windows of the studio.  Thank you to everyone that stopped in to see me after the parade.  It was great talking with you and sharing the new space.  Here’s to ten more fun-filled years of doing my dream job with the most amazing clients!

The Cass County fair just happens to mark another birthday around here, as well.  This time last year we held one of our senior group photo shoots in the carnival at the fair.  Toward the end of the shoot we stopped to play a game thinking maybe one of the girls would win a stuffed animal we could use in the photos.

They won alright!  But it wasn’t a stuffed animal.  It was alive.

One year ago Fishy came home from the fair and has lived happily ever after since.  He’s made it through two moves, two cats that like to sneak drinks out of his bowl, and a near death experience on the floor (came out one morning to find him on the floor, thought he was dead, picked up up with a paper towel, he flopped around, put him back in his bowl and it’s like nothing ever happened) and he’s still going strong.  Happy birthday, Fishy!  The girls saved you from a life on the road as a carny.


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