Amazing Light on a Perfect Spring Night

I know the blog has been quiet lately.  I’ve been working on a few new projects that will hopefully debut soon.  I have a bad habit of digging right in to a project and neglecting other things like making dinner, folding laundry or updating the blog. Last night the evening light was amazing. I couldn’t resist putting the projects on hold and shooting some images just for fun. I bribed my daughter with whatever would work for her to let me take some pictures while my husband and son were mowing. I L-O-V-E this time of year! The only bad part was the darn bees that kept dive bombing us around the barn. I would just get her in the right spot and a bee would come flying down at her. She would run off screaming and we would have to start all over again when they flew off. Good times on a perfect spring evening with the family!


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