PHHS Homecoming Dance {RECAP}

A little over a week ago was Pleasant Hill High School’s homecoming.  Each year I give my current and past clients and their friends the option to stop by whatever location I come up with that year for photos before they head out to the dance.  This year we picked a super fun location and I guarantee they will remember the experience (and the trek to get there) for years to come.  I’m pretty sure it was unlike any others’ photo experience that day.  🙂

We got so many fun photos that day, I wanted to do a recap here on the blog with a few of my favorites.  For those that want to see every image from the day or would like to place a print order, you can do so HERE (or by clicking “ONLINE ORDERING” in the menu above & selecting “PHHS HOMECOMING DANCE {2015}”).

Each group I photographed was a hoot and I enjoyed every second of the opportunity to be a tiny part of their evening.  Thank you for allowing Christy B Photography to capture you on your special day!!

 photo Christy_B_PHHS_Homecoming_Dance_2.jpg
 photo Christy_B_PHHS_Homecoming_Dance_3.jpg
 photo Christy_B_PHHS_Homecoming_CampE_1.jpg
 photo Christy_B_PHHS_Homecoming_TampE_1.jpg
 photo Christy_B_PHHS_Homecoming_TampE_2.jpg
 photo Christy_B_PHHS_Homecoming_NampC_1.jpg
 photo Christy_B_PHHS_Homecoming_MampK_1.jpg
 photo Christy_B_PHHS_Homecoming_MampK_2.jpg
 photo Christy_B_PHHS_Homecoming_CampM_1.jpg
 photo Christy_B_PHHS_Homecoming_TampJ_1.jpg
 photo Christy_B_PHHS_Homecoming_TampJ_2.jpg
 photo Christy_B_PHHS_Homecoming_CampC_1.jpg
 photo Christy_B_PHHS_Homecoming_Dance_Girls_1.jpg
 photo Christy_B_PHHS_Homecoming_Dance_Girls_2.jpg
 photo Christy_B_PHHS_Homecoming_Dance_Guys_1.jpg
 photo Christy_B_PHHS_Homecoming_Dance_Guys_2.jpg
 photo Christy_B_PHHS_Homecoming_Dance_Animation_1.gif
 photo Christy_B_PHHS_Homecoming_Dance_Animation_2.gif
 photo Christy_B_PHHS_Homecoming_Moore_Group_1.jpg
 photo Christy_B_PHHS_Homecoming_Moore_Group_2.jpg
 photo Christy_B_PHHS_Homecoming_JampE_1.jpg
 photo Christy_B_PHHS_Homecoming_JampE_2.jpg
 photo Christy_B_PHHS_Homecoming_AampD_1.jpg
 photo Christy_B_PHHS_Homecoming_AampD_2.jpg
 photo Christy_B_PHHS_Homecoming_Moore_Group_3.jpg
 photo Christy_B_PHHS_Homecoming_Dance_Group_1 copy.jpg
 photo Christy_B_PHHS_Homecoming_Dance_Group_2.jpg
 photo Christy_B_PHHS_Homecoming_BampP_1.jpg
 photo Christy_B_PHHS_Homecoming_PampS_1.jpg
 photo Christy_B_PHHS_Homecoming_HampB_1.jpg
 photo Christy_B_PHHS_Homecoming_Dance_Girls_1_1.jpg
 photo Christy_B_PHHS_Homecoming_Dance_Guys_1_1.jpg
 photo Christy_B_PHHS_Homecoming_Dance_Group_3.jpg


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