PHHS Homecoming {MY GIRL}

Much like the cobbler’s children have no shoes; the photographer’s daughter waits until last. Yes, it’s been a few weeks since Pleasant Hill’s homecoming. I’m just now getting a chance to edit a few of my own daughter from before the dance. Normally it’s crazy hectic during homecoming pics.  This year we were lucky enough to have a few minutes to grab some shots of her by herself before everyone else got there.  Once upon a time, she was painfully shy.  As you can tell in the following images, she’s pretty much gotten over that.  All those years of torture in front of my camera has finally paid off.  🙂

 photo ChristyBPleasantHillHomecomingDance3.jpg
 photo ChristyBPleasantHillHomecomingDance1.jpg
 photo ChristyBPleasantHillHomecomingDance6.jpg
 photo ChristyBPleasantHillHomecomingDance4.jpg
 photo ChristyBPleasantHillHomecomingDance2.jpg
 photo ChristyBPleasantHillHomecomingDance5.jpg
 photo ChristyBPleasantHillHomecomingDanceMother-Daughter.jpg

In between all of the regular shots, she provided tons of outtakes (whether I wanted them or not).  I’m so thankful to have been able to capture all of these memories!

 photo Outtakes-Animation B.gif


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