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For several years now boutiques have become a popular option over box stores for fun, unique clothing. If you do your homework and buy carefully, you can find some really great deals on cute clothing, shoes and accessories from online boutiques.

Along with trendy online boutiques, fashion bloggers, or influencers, are a dime a dozen these days. But there is a good reason why you might want to follow a few that share a similar style as your own. Look at the bloggers and social media influencers as your own personal shoppers. They try-on the clothes, tell you about the quality, how an item fits and feels, whether it’s recommended to size up or down, where to buy, and when there are money saving sales. They do the hard work for you. It helps in wondering if an item online is going to fit without the capability of trying on before ordering. Instagram has a plethora of influencers to follow to help inspire your own closet.

Whether searching for everyday clothing, a special occasion dress or photoshoot outfits, you can use your favorite fashion bloggers as a source to find inspiration for what to wear. Shopping online boutiques can also help you find trendy clothing that is different than what everyone else is wearing from the local mall. Today I’m sharing a few online boutiques that I would highly recommend. Keep in mind, online boutiques often have sales and free shipping options. It’s worth subscribing to their newsletters for sale notifications. There is really no need to pay full price unless you just can’t wait for that perfect item. I also recommend studying up on the return policies in the event you need to return an item. The return policies vary at each boutique.

Vici often gives their top influencers coupon codes for up to 20 to 25 percent off an order. Just Google “Vici coupon code” and you should have luck finding a way to save on your order. This is a great site for pretty dresses.

Items go fast on most boutique sites. Red Dress has an option to sign up for a wait list on items they will restock so you can be notified as soon as it comes back in stock.

I’ve found a lot of cute sweaters from here.

This site was recommended by my daughter. They have some really cute stuff.

This site is really cute for college students.

This is a local Kansas City online boutique.

Really cute shoes here.

I share this site with a caveat. While you can get boutique clothing at really cheap prices, items from this site do come from China. It is imperative to carefully read item descriptions and sizing charts before ordering. I also highly recommend reading all reviews where people provide their quality and sizing reviews. You can find good items on this site. You can also find not so great items that fit more like child sizes if you’re not careful. I have ordered from this site and had luck. I have also heard of many others that have had luck with this site. Shipping does take up to a month but if you’re looking for good prices, this is a good site to try.


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