Sweet summertime! With summer comes shorts, tank tops and swimsuits. That means it’s back on the Keto diet for me. I find when I’m off keto, it’s too easy for me to fall back into my sugar addiction. And the addiction is REAL, y’all. Funny thing is, when I follow keto, I really don’t miss the sugar. No sugar = the cravings stop. No sugar cravings means I don’t dread wearing those shorts, tank tops and swimsuits…as much.

Today I’m sharing my monthly meal plan for July. While you may not be following the Keto diet as I am, hopefully this meal plan will help spark ideas for your own dinners. If you are following the Keto diet, I’ve included links to the recipe books I’m using. Happy summer, everyone! *Directions on how to use this meal calendar below.


NOTE 1:  The calendar below will change as the month change.  If you are viewing this post after July, just use the < > buttons to click back to July 2019.

NOTE 2:  Items marked with an (*) asterisk on the calendar below have recipe links you can refer to.  Simply click the item and a recipe link will pop up.

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